“I’ve successfully privatized world peace!”

“I’ve successfully privatized world peace!” Yes, Iron Man is back, and this time, the responsibilities on his shoulder seems to be bigger, world peace…okay, but he is still the guy, if given the chance to do what he wants…with who he wants, what would he do? I am not gonna spoil the movie for you, go watch it yourself, but I have to say, tonight for me was such a satisfying experience and even thought I lowered my expectations before I walked into the movie theater because of so-so reviews…it totally proved that this experience should not be discounted even for a bit from the first movie. Tony Stark hasn’t changed, he is still the fun, debonair, confident (arrogant) guy that lifts the world on his finger tip, and has super powers perfectly embedded in to his flawed character…but he still enjoys life. He is a total bad-ass and a love-him or hate-him kind of guy in the movie. Among all the Sci-Fi and comic book heroes, Iron Man is my absolute favorite. Spider Man is too nerdy and Batman is all about justice, Superman? I never understood how a pair of glasses can serve as an effective disguise…Incredible Hulk…he makes me feel tragic by simply looking at him…Iron Man is an eccentric even among these supernatural (abnormal) heroes, he is actually…fun, enjoys his powers and always gets things done in a light-hearted way. He is not larger than life, he is just a human, always is.

I also noticed that every time I love a show, I love every character in it, even the villains… this applies to Iran Man 2 of course…and also applies to Ugly Betty, Modern Family, Star Trek…so you really can’t ask me which one is my favorite character, I truly love all of them.

For Iron Man fans, here is a neat augmented reality app you should try. Put yourself in Iron Man’s suit and helmets, the only drawback is that you gotta download the widget…which takes a minute… Christopher, thanks for sharing!

Also, just to add to the continued super hero theme, I want to share a great post from Wired. I always hate to just take other people’s post and paste it in my blog, even given the attribute and trackback, but this one is just so fantastic and fits so well in this Iron Man post, I could not help it, so, please, enjoy:

The G-Men
Sergey Brin and Larry Page, presidents of Google
Net worth:
$35 billion (combined)
By night:
Search out evildoers and banish them to a secret data center in a fake volcano.
“You feeling lucky? Well, are you, punk?”

The Kindler
Jeff Bezos, chair and CEO of Amazon.com
Net worth:
$12.3 billion
By night:
By-the-book hero has a patented one-punch thug-apprehension system.
“Congratulations, you qualify for free shipping … to jail!”

The Feature Creep
Bill Gates, chair of Microsoft
Net worth:
$53 billion
By night:
Doggedly pursues scofflaws, slowing them to a crawl with bloatware.
“I’ll steamroll you like I did the Sherman Antitrust Act!”
The Zen Torpedo
Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle
Net worth:
$28 billion
By night:
This software-slinging sailor is all about CRM: Clobbering Ruthless Miscreants.
“My databases? Unbreakable. Your bones? Not.”

The Superpoke
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook
Net worth:
$4 billion
By night:
Scans malefactors’ oversharing wall posts for details of fiendish plots.
“Status update: Your jaw is now in a relationship with my fist!”

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