Monetization of Mobile Platform

The slides below are for a project that I have been working on in the past two weeks for one of my classes. I have really been fascinated by the growth of the mobile internet and what implications may result from always-on, constantly available internet access. How will users change their internet usage behavior, how will they utilize such easy online access, and just as important, how will businesses make money from the rise of mobile internet?

That means asking what new mobile advertising and location-based advertising and services will be prominent on mobile phone platforms. By examining the major advertising networks and the differences in their various market segments, as well as the impact of location-based technologies on new advertising efforts and the innovative services that have arisen to take advantage of location-based technologies, I wanted this presentation to highlight what advertisers and mobile users can expect to see in the next five years in a constantly changing industry. One important aspect of the future of the mobile industry’s development that is not stressed in these slides is mobile apps. Apps are the way to extend the usability of mobile internet service, and is a major player in the growth of the mobile internet. Also, I believe it will be the leader in efforts to monetize the mobile internet effort in the future, but due to the scope of my research this time, I did not cover it. I would definitely like to look into this sector in the future.

I relied on a variety of sources, including industry media like AdAge, TechCrunch, and marketing research firms like eMarketer and even some Morgan Stanley investor reports, so there’s a lot numbers to digest, but also some neat graphs and charts to make things easier to understand. Maybe this sounds like a cliche, but I really think the potential impact of mobile internet is going to change our lives. What are your thoughts on the growth of mobile internet and mobile advertising? What are the next big mobile web opportunities?

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